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PUBG Mobile is a survival-based shooter for the mobile platform with a variety of multiplayer modes, with hundreds of battles, arsenal, equipment and items to choose from. The new PUBG Mobile adds an immersive map with immense golden sand, new weapons, new 8x viewfinder and finer, finer-tuned graphics.

PUBG Mobile depicts dramatic and lively gun battles both on the ground and in the water, where you are no longer a witness, but directly involved in fierce battles, finding ways to survive. . Game PUBG Mobile offers a variety of game modes, a variety of modern weapons to choose from and graphics are also a great advantage of the game.

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PUBG Mobile is a mobile game that supports PUBG Mobile for Android and PUBG Mobile for iPhone but you can also play it on your PC via the BlueStacks emulator with BUBG Mobile, High resolution, enjoy multiple play modes, the ability to express talent with friends. You will be involved in the war of survival with hundreds of others, and the only task is to find ways to survive the many obstacles challenge by the talent, bravery in the battle of his.

To adjust the graphics configuration of PUBG games to compatible devices with weak configurations, you can use the Graphics Tool for PUBG feature that allows you to unlock HD mode, 60 fps The graphics tool for PUBG also allows gamers to experience no-lag game play.

Whether it’s for phones or tablets, PUBG Mobile graphics are not bad on a PC. The game is developed based on the latest technology Unreal Engine 4, so that players will have the opportunity to experience the beautiful 3D images, along with the vegetarian explosive effects emit chalk. Engaging and engaging when engaged.

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There are a lot of PUBG games out there, but with the launch of PUBG Mobile mainstream, these games will soon be sink by PUBG version: Army Assault has reached the level close to the original version. .

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If you love the game PUBG Mobile, you can download the APK file to mobile to experience. This is also a new version for mobile devices that have been upgraded and added a lot of improvements. Langrisser, in addition to keeping the characters from the previous version, also brings players new fancy units, the graphics are also changed through live 2D technology for vivid characters. and sharp.

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