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  • Updated: 15/10/2017
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  • Size : 90 MB
  • OS Support : Android, iOS


The genre of survival games is always a “hard to swallow” genre for the normal gamers like you and me. Not only does it require judgment, thought and tactics, but games like Last Day on Earth require more if you want to survive in a chaotic world where your life is extremely fragile.

In the survival category, life is the only thing that exists, other things are not important. Whether it is love, status, friendship, remorse … That is the content in Last Game on Earth – the very attractive game of Kefir has just released has caused fever in the community of gamers.

Interesting plot

The story of the game Last Day on Earth revolves around your last day on earth, as the zombies have covered the whole of the place. In an incompletely secure world, you will need to try to stay as long as possible with the few remaining weapons and the only one you have at the start of the game is a shorts. Bloodthirsty Zombies are lurking around you.

Last Day on Earth Survival 2

You need to collect the remaining items, raw materials and dodge attacks from bloodthirsty zombies. You can collect branches, rocks to defend yourself or cut larger trees to build a shelter. You can also create other everyday items such as kitchens, desks … to expand and strengthen your own safety area.

Last Day on Earth Survival 3

Last Day on Earth Survival 5

But do not rush to celebrate, this game is a scary game. The Zombies are always full of sugar and always try to find people to eat they. Therefore, we recommend that you build a safe place to store food and food to avoid starvation. So you have a higher chance of survival. Note that if the character dies, you will have to start over with zero.

Interaction with other players

Last Day on Earth Survival 4

Not only that, the game also has a direct interaction between players and therefore you risk being robbed at any time and place. Watch out for zombies, and with other players as well. Remember! Now life is the most important, there is no room for other things. In addition, you can help and gather together to fight with your friends.


Last Day on Earth has a level system for you and your experience will increase as you collect items for yourself, or when you kill zombies, or when you build something. The higher the level, the more open the game features as well as help you get more advanced items.

Last Day on Earth Survival

The game owns 3D graphics in the third view with beautiful design and easy to see. Last Day on Earth: Survival is a survival game quite easy to play as well as familiar with the operation in the game. If you want to try the experience of living in the world with the dead bodies everywhere, this is the game for you. The game is currently available for Android and iOS.

You can download the original or mod version (for Android) by downloading the APK and Data file to your device, then extract the data file to Android/data, install the APK file and now experience the game.

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