Monster Era: Egypt APK Download  — New Yu-gi-oh mobile game

Hello, we’re seeing each other again. Today Monster Era: Egypt wants to introduce you to a hot topic from the first Monster Era: Egypt.

Since launching, there have been a lot of quizzes on why they can not trigger a trap. Does that reduce the tactics of the game?


Monster Era: Egypt possesses a slightly different gameplay style than traditional games, but automatic trigger trapping does not reduce the game’s playability. Because at times like this you have to strain your brain to think about whether to set the trap card down or not.

There is also the opinion of some players that the Monster Era: Egypt system is different but you are the same and so are all 100% who use the automatic trap cards Activate all the players to experience the same game, let’s see this is a Yu-gi-oh game! with a different play style, as well as Forbidden Memory or Yugioh Bam versions.

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Monster Era: Egypt is a fun game we play after work, so do not be too hard. If you are interested in this card game, download Monster Era: Egypt APK through the game’s homepage.

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