Review Bowmasters: shooting style, beautiful graphics, many game modes, …

One day wandering on the App Store found the game Bowmasters looks pretty cute, download the game to see it is worth it for us to play near the end of the year like this.


Bowmasters is one of the games that have a beautifully designed flat-style today, the type of game targeting the enemy like the game “throw sandals” we used to play on the computer. In addition, the game has many different types of play, which makes us not bored when playing.

I have downloaded the game for a week now and today decided to make a review of this game for you to grin to see it.

Simple gameplay

Bowmasters’ main gameplay is quite simple, which is to target the enemy with items depending on the character chosen by the player. You can associate it with a popular game that was a Gunny or a “throw sandal” that we used to play.

We will aim and shoot the enemy in an angle by moving the finger up or down and the force by pulling the finger to the left, pulling the farther away the stronger the shot.

After each game, if you win, you will be added to the money to buy more characters.

Multiple play modes

The highlight of this title is that it supports various game modes, according to the count is 6 modes. They will unlock in turn if you meet all the requirements. Mainly enough to win.

I will follow each game mode as follows:

Online PvP

This is the online game mode, you will be playing with other players or your friends through the Game Center.

Game Center will automatically find other players to pair with you. But I found this mode has not been optimized, yesterday to now I try to find other players to pair without anyone @@

Vs Computer

This is the mode that you will fight with the character created by the bot, this mode is also very interesting when the system will randomly choose a character to fight with you.

Bird hunt

This mode will allow you to fire birds flying in the sky for 60 seconds and your character will be able to change weapons after each failed or successful shot.


This is the final open mode if you win 20 games in “Vs Computer” mode. This mode will allow you to battle many other opponents created automatically by the computer. There are 3 levels from easy to difficult, they will be open in turn if you win the previous round.

Vs friends

If you want to fight with your friends then you can play this game. Each person will choose one character and fight each other in turn. The gameplay is similar to “Vs Computer”.

Apple Shooting

This is definitely one of the most challenging modes in the game. Your task is to shoot the fruit on the character’s head, the difficulty will be increased after each shot. The character will stand farther away and of course the fruit on the head will also be smaller.

If you hit a character, it loses 1 turn, and 3 turns you lose.

Beautiful interface

The new interface is what makes the game look great, and all the characters in the game are designed in a flattering style that is trending today.

Each character, weapon, background image in the game to the effects when the character died are meticulously scrubbed, look very nice.

Each character will be attached to a particular weapon, and the way it approaches the opponent is different. This will help the player is not boring but will be attracted to each character.

To own the character you need to have gold coins (which can be earned through the game modes), the higher the character, the more valuable weapons will be. There are also some characters you will have to buy with real money for $ 2 – $ 4.

Multidimensional support

Nowadays, games like Bowmasters are extremely rare. You can play horizontally or vertically. The interface of the game will automatically adjust to fit your screen when no matter where you turn.

Download game

If you like it and want to download it, you can download it via the link below.

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