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Sử dụng ứng dụng Perfect Piano như một giáo trình giảng dạy piano với âm thanh piano thực.

Perfect Piano 2

Tính năng:

  • Hỗ trợ bàn phím piano đầy đủ
  • Chế độ hàng đơn
  • Chế độ hàng kép
  • Đa chạm (Android 2.1 trở lên)
  • Dò áp lực chạm
  • Ghi âm và Playback
  • Điều chỉnh độ rộng phím
  • Học chế độ chơi
  • Chia sẻ đoạn ghi âm, import hoặc export tới thẻ SD
  • Học chơi bài nhạc mẫu tải về

Perfect Piano android

Download Perfect Piano

Walk Band, New name of Perfect Piano.
A pocket band, which is a series of instrument simulator customized for smart devices. In order to provide fabulous band experience, we have extended the features from keyboard only to Keyboard, Guitar, Drum Pad and Drum Machine. All instrument use the realistic instrument sounds. At the last release, we added multi-tracks recording feature. You can add the drum beats and guitar chord for your piano melody. Now, you can make a music work by a whole band. External MIDI Keyboard over USB is also supported. If you do not know how to play piano? It does’t matter. Walk Band also provide a Learn to Play mode. Which do you prefer? Notes Falling or Music Sheet? More choice for you. Recommended by AppGoVideo.com (http://www.appgovideo.com/)
Hey, what are you waiting? Download Walk Band, enjoy the cool and wonderful band experience.
1. Support Full Keyboards of Piano.
2. Single Row Mode. Dual Row Mode. Two Player Mode.
3. Multi-Touch.
4. Touch pressure detecting.
5. Key width adjustment.
6. Five Keyboards Program: Piano, Music Box, Organ, Rhodes, Synth.
7. Record and Playback. Support MIDI and Audio.
8. Sharing recordings to friends.
9. Set the recording files as Ringtone.
10. Learn to play mode. Preload 70 Sample songs.
11. Learn to play sample songs downloadable. More songs are uploading.

Tai Perfect Piano android
1. Chords Mode.
2. Solo Mode.
3. 3 Guitar Type Sound: Nylon Guitar, Steel String Guitar, Clean Eletric Guitar and Plugin support.
4. Record to MIDI and visual playback.
5. External MIDI keyboard support.
6. Demo midi songs.
Drum Pad:
1. Play Along feature: Play beats while playback your favorite mp3.
2. Five DrumKit Program: Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, Dance.
3. Auto play mode: Using 2 finger to spread on a drum will trigger auto play mode: 6 speed level
4. Learn Demo Beats: Rock, Ballad, ChaCha, Disco, Latin Rock, Polka, Waltz etc.
5. Multi-Touch. Recording and Playback etc. Record MIDI. Set As Ringtone etc.
Drum Machine:
1. Create your own beats.
2. Five DrumKit Program: Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, Dance.
3. 11 preload demo patterns.
4. Pitch control.
5. Speed control.
6. Save/Reload pattern.
Multi Tracks Recording:
1. Multi tracks recording for different instruments;
2. Merger the recordings for different measures of the same instrument;
3. Record the other instrument melody based on the original recording;
4. Listen the effect of the multi tracks recording when you do the record;
5. For the track recording, you can edit it respectively, such as mute, delete, add the recording, change the volume.
6. Share your multi tracks recording as a standard MIDI file.
7. Notice: Only support Android >= 3.1 device.
External Midi Keyboards over USB:
1. Support for External Midi Keyboards over USB. You can play Perfect Piano via the external midi keyboard (such as YAMAHA P105, Roland F-120, Xkey, etc) over USB.
2. Notice: Devices should support USB host with Android >= 3.1 and connect with a USB OTG Cable.
1. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WalkBandApp
2. Please send your question or feedback on using this app to us. Our email: [email protected]

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